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Digital Retailing – Engage 
3 Communication Tools, 1 Powerful Lead-Generating Combination
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The Digital Retailing – Engage suite of communication tools were designed to provide more opportunities for dealers to connect with consumers interested in their inventory. Dealers who have adopted these lead-generating features have seen a 36% increase in email leads. Digital Retailing – Engage tools include Make an Offer, Request a Video, and Request a Video Chat. All consumer offers and requests are automatically entered into TraderTraxx, helping you easily track, manage, and nurture your leads.

Want to know more about the Digital Retailing – Engage communication tools? Here are high-level resources to help you get started:

Digital Retailing – Engage Infographic

Digital Retailing – Engage

Check out helpful descriptions and support resources for each feature below:

Make an Offer
Within a listing, consumers have the option to click a “Make an Offer” button and send an email to the dealer with an offered purchase price for the unit. We help to prevent low-ball offers by notifying consumers when an offer is too low.
For more information about Make an Offer, please view the following resources:

Benefits of Make an Offer & How It Works

Best Practices for Make an Offer

Request a Video

Consumers viewing a listing have the option to click a “Request a Video” button, which prompts our system to send you a “new lead” email with their request. Once you get the notification, you simply take a video of the relevant unit and send it to the prospect.

For more information about the value of video to dealers like you, please view the following resource:

Request a Video Chat

When consumers click the “Request a Video Chat” button within a listing, you get a “new lead” email alerting you to the request. This allows you to contact the prospect and schedule a live Video Chat.

For more information about Request a Video Chat, please view the following resources:

Overview of Request a Video Chat

Chat Best Practices and Troubleshooting