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How to Use Live Video Chat

How to Use Live Video Chat

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be limiting the number of people inside of your dealership, or have had to close your doors to customers completely. That’s a tough reality when so much of our business is based on human interaction and test-drives at the physical dealership. However, with people spending significantly more time at home, they are also spending much more time online, and in fact our Trader Interactive vehicle marketplaces are seeing big spikes in website traffic. With more consumers browsing the market, competition for their attention is increasing, which means you need to be available to those prospects in as many ways as possible. One unique communication solution during these times is Live Video Chats, which consumers can now request from dealers through our marketplace.

Advantages of Video Chat

We’re helping dealers set up live Video Chat appointments with leads because they satisfy much of the goals of a traditional appointment, including allowing the dealer to answer any questions, show off the unit, and possibly convince the consumer to make a purchase — either immediately or once the pandemic ends. Ultimately, live Video Chats can enhance your virtual retailing experience by providing the convenience consumers are looking for and can result in higher conversion rates from interested leads.

Scheduling Video Chats

So, how does scheduling a live Video Chat work? All listings on our marketplace will now include a “Video Chat with this Dealer” button (if you prefer to not offer Video Chats, simply notify Dealer Services and we’ll turn it off). When a prospect selects this option, they fill out a lead form to capture their details, including their device type (such as Apple or Android) and their preferred time-frame for a call (for example, between 8am and noon). Once you receive the lead, simply contact the consumer to confirm an exact time for the live video chat.

Tips for Video Chats

During the live Video Chat appointment, you can show off the unit in many of the same ways you would if the prospect was on your lot, including letting them hear the running engine, showing the mileage, highlighting specs or features, and pointing the camera toward any spot or part the consumer requests to inspect — anything you would usually highlight face-to-face. When communicating remotely, just remember that while consumers may be more informal, be sure your digital communication is always professional, helpful, and informative.

With live Video Chats, you can continue to generate, nurture, and close leads, almost as if your physical dealership was still open and operating at full capacity. For questions related to Video Chats, or for more information about how our dealer solutions can help you advertise and sell inventory effectively during COVID-19, contact us today: or call (800) 684-6104.