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Gain a Competitive Edge In Your Dealership with Digital Marketing Strategies from RV Trader. Inform Your Digital Strategy With Tips From RV Trader’s In-House Digital Marketing Experts.
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Consumer Trends Report: Insights into Today’s RV Buyer Demographics, Shopping Behaviors, and Purchase Journeys

Consumers have evolved along with the digital landscape and will continue to change in the coming years. To keep your business plan aligned with the needs of your buyers, It’s critical that you identify and evaluate the trends that drive their behavior.  RV Trader is here to keep you informed with  the RV Consumer Trends Report, which presents key data and insights on today’s buyer by breaking down the top trends in demographics, buying behavior, and their purchase journey. Download the 2023 report to gain access to the key data and insights on RV Trader’s consumers, utilizing data from Statistical Surveys and surveys conducted by RV Trader.

The Power of Pricing: Using Data Tools to Optimize Your Profit Margins

With today’s inventory shortages and increased demand in the RV industry, there is a lot more uncertainty and fluctuations around pricing. Taking the time to understand the data around pricing can mean a huge difference in maximizing profit margins when pricing units for sale and purchasing pre-owned units for sale. Download our guide, “The Power of Pricing: Using Data Tools to Optimize Your Profit Margins” to learn more about informing your pricing strategy with data.