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Collaborative Opportunities

Partner with RV Trader to create unique engagement strategies to elevate your business. Our tailor-made programs and feeds harness the strength of your dealer network, guaranteeing your success.

Keep Buyers Engaged With YOUR Units

Don’t leave it up to your customers to stay engaged with your units. With consumers more informed and further along the purchase funnel than ever before, TraderConnect keeps them engaged with your units by having them land on your brand early on in the customer journey.

TraderConnect allows you to embed units from RV Trader dealers who carry your units directly on your website!

With TraderConnect, OEMs have witnessed an increase of 191% in email leads delivered per month.

Make Sure Buyers See You First

RV Trader offers Ad Enhancements that enhance dealer listing exposure by elevating units to the top of the organic search result or by placing them in a carousel at the top of the page. You can learn more about how our ad enhancements help OEMs move more inventory in our case study.

Premium Select is a powerful ad enhancement that allows you to strategically move inventory by elevating selected units to the very top of the search results. Through Premium Select, buyers have a higher chance of seeing YOUR brand and products on a dealer website, boosting your exposure and optimizing advertising for your units.

Premium Select drives 15x more VDPs than standard advertisements and 11x more leads to your dealers and units.

Even More Collaborative Opportunities

Drive Additional Make/model Views with Ad Enhancement Campaigns

Have a specific make/model you want to move more of? With Ad Enhancement Campaigns, you have control and flexibility over the enhancement status of dealer listings featuring your make/models. With the Sponsor Management tool in TraderTraxx, you can allocate Premium and Featured Ads in real-time.


Premium Ads are designed to maximize the number of buyers who see your make/models by rendering dealer inventory at the top of the organic search results and highlighting your listings across all devices with a “Premium” flag and multiple thumbnail photos.

Premium Ads drive 11.2X the number of search results impressions than standard ads.

Featured Ads

Featured Ads appear in a scrolling carousel on the Homepage as well as at the top of the buyers’ Search Results page on all platforms. These prominent placements give your make/models the first impression on buyers, helping to generate leads dealers, moving more make/models.

Featured Ads drive 2X the number of email leads than standard ads.

Increase Engagement Through Dealer Networks

We collaborate with OEMs to develop customizable co-op programs aimed at supporting their dealer networks. By encouraging dealers to leverage the latest digital marketing products, our goal is to enhance their strategic capabilities. Dealers can claim co-op reimbursements on (icon with each bullet):

  • Marketplace listings
  • Ad enhancements like Premium Select
  • Targeted to specific makes and models depending on your needs

Our personalized co-op programs are built to ensure that your dealers are putting your units first. They help your dealers offset costs, putting their focus on generating leads, revenue, and awareness for YOUR brand.

Through our custom co-op programs, OEMs see:

  • 48% more daily SRPs per listing
  • 6% more daily VDPs per listing
  • 28% more daily emails per listing

Build Your Co-op Program With Us Today!