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With such a variety of tools, insights and partnership opportunities available to you as an OEM, you need an easy way to manage it all. This is where TraderTraxx comes into play.

A Powerful Data Analytics Tool at Your Fingertips

By partnering with RV Trader, you’ll unlock access to the industry’s most powerful, and easy to use management platform that has been designed with your specific needs in mind.

With TraderTraxx, you can access everything you need in one location.

Manage Collaborative Programs

Whether you are running an OEM-Managed Ad Enhancement Program, or are taking advantage of an Embedded Marketplace, you can manage your programs directly within TraderTraxx with the Program Management tool.

  • Enable and disable programs in real-time
  • Find dealers with qualifying listings
  • Allocate and re-allocate enhancements to specific dealers
Access Data and Insights
The Trader Intelligence section of TraderTraxx is home to all of the tools available to you as an OEM. Leveraging these tools will enable you to make better business decisions, and will empower you to develop targeted, competitive strategies to maintain or grow market share.
Cross Shopping Tool
Use this tool to see what units are most often being viewed before and after one of your specific make/models. These insights will allow you to make strategic marketing decisions based on consumer interest and shopping behaviors.
Listing Status
Keep track of how many of your make/models are live on RV Trader. Filter by specific models, monitor a month over month trend line, and see what percentage over overall inventory share you own on our marketplace.
Enhanced vs. Standard
Understand how your make/models that are enhanced (either Featured or Premium status) are performing in comparison to your standard listings. Use this knowledge to inform your OEM-Managed Ad Enhancement Program.
Activity Stats
Get a quick look at how your make/models are performing on RV Trader, including Vehicle Detail page views and search results impressions. Compare performance month over month or year over year.
You know who your competitors are, but now you can see how exactly you stack up in terms of performance on RV Trader. At an aggregate level, get a peek at how your make/models are performing compared to your top-three competitors.