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The Trader Advantage — Exclusive Value from RV Trader


As we get in gear for a successful 2023, RV Trader is taking a moment to reflect on the tremendous milestones we have achieved throughout 2022. We’ve seen some incredible results that were made possible by all the innovation, solutions, and data-driven insights we offer at RV Trader. So, we’re discussing what we like to call the “Trader Advantage.” Here are 5 highlights that demonstrate how the Trader Advantage drove success for dealers in 2022 through exclusive benefits. 

1. Access to Audience of In-market RV Buyers

Every month in 2022, RV Trader received an average of 6.9 million visits to our site, which generated an average 525K monthly leads and connections for sellers on our marketplace! By leveraging our unique advertising products, dealers were able to put their listings front and center, significantly expanding their reach and securing more leads for their business.

2. Continual Product Innovation

RV Trader made constant improvements to our robust suite of dealer sales and marking tools in the past year. Additionally, we launched a variety of products, including our Email Lead Amplifier. We can’t wait for dealers to see what we have planned for this year, such as our upcoming Enhancement Auto Selector, which saves you time and optimizes your investment. 

3. New and Improved TraderTraxx App

Last year, we released the new and improved TraderTraxx mobile app, available on iOS and Android, which gives dealers real-time notifications of incoming calls, emails, texts, and chats from motivated buyers. The TraderTraxx app updates seamlessly and integrates more user-friendly features that were designed with convenience in mind. 

4. Expanded Brand Awareness

Throughout 2022, we secured 163 individual press pickups across the Trader Interactive portfolio, helping us to drive more awareness of our marketplaces. This resulted in exposure to over 1 Billion unique visitors per month – all in the name of getting more eyes on our dealer network.

5. Social Media Growth

We increased our social media following 15%, reached 87% more users, and earned 63% more impressions across the social landscape. RV Trader’s brand continues to rapidly grow, and that means a larger community of buyers engaging with your inventory, both on social and on our marketplace.

Are you ready to experience the Trader Advantage in 2023? We have even more opportunities for advancement and success on the horizon, so stay tuned! For now, you can explore our dealer resources to learn how you can access our dynamic suite of tools and advertising products.