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4 Key Events to Mark in Your RV Dealership’s Calendar for 2024

2024 Events to Attend

Discover the countless advantages of attending RV industry trade shows and conferences. These events not only provide a perfect platform to boost your dealership’s visibility but also present a golden opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses and potential buyers. Stay ahead of the game by exploring the latest innovations and gaining valuable insights into the competitive landscape. Rest assured, RV Trader has curated a list of the most remarkable industry events that you absolutely cannot afford to miss this year. Keep reading to find out about an upcoming show near you!

Why Attending Events is Crucial for Dealers

Explore the incredible benefits of participating in trade shows and events before we dive into which ones to check out. In today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive market, attending these gatherings is not just a choice, but an absolute necessity for dealers who want to thrive. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for dealers to connect with industry experts, gain priceless insights, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving industry. Once you establish a goal and strategy for these events, you will be able to maximize your success.

Key Industry Events In 2024
RV Leadership Conference
March 5-7, Bonita Springs, FL

The RV Industry Association’s Leadership Conference is specifically tailored to professionals in management roles, as well as aspiring leaders in all sectors of the RV industry. From working sessions to panel discussions, this conference is a space to foster talent, gain insight on the inner workings of the industry, and establish connections . This is a beneficial event for dealerships seeking training opportunities and the chance to elevate the skills of their current team members.

RV Aftermarket Conference
August 12-15, Orlando, FL

The Aftermarket Conference is another significant event by the RV Industry Association, OEMs and dealers come together annually to present innovative products and take advantage of valuable networking prospects. This event offers a wealth of opportunities to gain insights from industry experts on the current state of the RV industry, including aftermarket conditions, economic factors, and much more. Additionally, this exceptional event hosts an esteemed award ceremony that acknowledges outstanding achievements and serves as the ideal platform to strategize for expanding market segments and exploring opportunities for growth. It’s important to note that this event is open to all RV Industry Association members.

Hershey RV Show
September 11-15, Hershey, PA

Every year, numerous RV dealers, manufacturers, and consumers gather in Hershey, Philadelphia, to participate in one of the nation’s largest RV shows. While there are plenty of potential buyers excitedly exploring dealership and brand offerings, this show goes the extra mile by providing valuable educational opportunities for dealers. Two dedicated days of the event are specifically tailored for dealers and industry leaders, featuring training sessions, exhibits, and networking opportunities to enhance their expertise and connections.

RV Dealers Convention/Expo
November 11-15, Paris, Las Vegas, NV

This RV Dealership Association event is dedicated to fostering business growth, offering a myriad of educational opportunities. Led by influential figures in the industry, the sessions at this event delve into intricate details, covering dealer-centric topics such as video merchandising, data optimization, and other crucial subjects. Attending this year could offer a valuable opportunity to discover growth opportunities and gain comprehensive insights on how to effectively streamline your sales and operations.

To effectively promote your dealership and foster customer loyalty, it is essential to explore various avenues, including industry events, to generate fresh ideas. Stay alert for upcoming local events and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Meanwhile, make the most of your event attendance by visiting our insightful blog, where we share valuable tips on maximizing your experience at trade shows and events.

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