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Leveraging Your Dealer Network To Move More Inventory with Co-Op
A Case Study
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At Trader Interactive, we prioritize the goals of our OEMs and dealers through unique co-op solutions. Co-op programs give dealers the opportunity to submit for partial reimbursement on select advertising expenses. This allows them to help offset costs, ultimately generating more leads, revenue and awareness for your brand. By allowing dealers to take advantage of co-op with your brands, you

ensure dealers’ marketing dollars are focused on your inventory.

Trader Interactive co-op programs offer the flexibility to customize for specific business goals. They can be tailored so dealers can claim co-op reimbursements on certain Trader Interactive products, including marketplace listings and ad enhancements, like Premium Select. They can also be targeted to specific makes and models depending on your needs. With a Trader Interactive co-op program, our specialists handle all of the processing for each claim, so dealers can spend more time on what’s important: running their dealership.

At the end of the day, we want to ensure that your units are receiving the most engagement possible, and co-op programs are an excellent means of doing so.

How To Leverage Co-op With Your Dealers

On average, dealers who participate in an OEM co-op program receive 33% more daily connections per listing than those who don’t.

The Problem

A Powersports Manufacturer Looking to Make Room On Lot

Trader Interactive recently partnered with a powersports manufacturer who needed to move specific inventory off their dealers’ lots to make more space for newer models. We worked with this OEM to develop a program that would help accomplish their goal.

The Solution

Crafting Success: The Solution to this OEM’s Needs

Partnering with this OEM, we developed a solution based on their exact needs! This OEM decided to offer 100% reimbursement on select models and categories, so we helped them build and deploy the co-op program to our dealer network. They identified two specific units and one category that needed the boost in exposure and performance. This program allowed dealers to submit for reimbursement on marketplace listings and ad enhancements.

The Outcome

Leveraging Digital Tools To Move More Inventory

Participating dealers in the co-op program saw:


more search impressions YOY

on the models that were included in the program compared to dealers who didn’t participate.


increase in emails

and 6% increase in connections for models that were included in the co-op program.

This OEM experienced a
230% year-over-year increase
in daily search impressions per listing for the program’s included units.

They also saw:


increase YOY in daily connections

per listing compared to the start of the program.


increase YOY in daily emails

per listing for the models included in this co-op program.


increase YOY of daily page views

per listing since the co-op program was implemented.

One of the most critical elements of this manufacturer’s co-op program was the inclusion of Premium Select. Premium Select is our newest and most powerful ad enhancement that elevates selected units to the very top of the search results page, generating an average of

46x more search result impressions

than standard ads.

32.33x more SRPi for Premium Select units

compared to standard ads

2.97x more SRPi

than Featured Ads.

Achieving Success Through Co-op

As of August 1, 2023, 20% of the OEM’s Premium Select units were sold within just 60 days, thanks to Premium Select! With a custom Trader Interactive co-op program, this OEM was able to gain additional exposure that helped move inventory off their dealers’ lots in just a short period of time! This is the power of leveraging co-op and strategically ensuring that dealers use marketing spend to make your brand WIN!

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