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Deal Designation
Deal Designation is a new BRAND service that helps you stay even more competitive in your local and nationwide markets. Located in TraderTraxx, Deal Designation gives you a high-level look at how all your units are priced compared to matching units nationwide and locally.

Exclusive insights

Deal Designation looks at units with the same year, make, model, and trim across the nation and in your local market and finds an average listing price – no manual research required. Your unit is then compared against the average to assign a designation of “Great Deal,” “Good Deal,” “Fair Deal,” or “Above Market.” These designations can help you gain valuable insights to build a competitive pricing strategy in your market.

BENEFITS of deal designation
  • Available at no additional cost in TraderTraxx where you already manage your inventory
  • Based on live inventory that is regularly maintained and updated for competitive pricing
  • Accessible through the TraderTraxx mobile app, allowing you to reference these insights in real time
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