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Lead Intelligence
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Lead Intelligence provides dealers with exclusive insights around leads and connections that span across and your website. It’s available at no additional cost to current RV Trader dealers and offers two distinct features: Lead Enrichment and Trader Advantage.

Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment offers dealers insight into potential buyers’ shopping patterns on RV Trader and their website. For each individual lead, dealers will receive a real-time email notification with consumer shopping information.

Trader Advantage

Trader Advantage provides dealers with lead attribution data that directly highlights how RV Trader serves as a significant touchpoint in a consumer’s path to purchase. The Trader Advantage report offers dual shopper activity on Marketplace Leads, Direct Referrals, and Comparative Conversion Rates.

To learn more about this industry-leading offering, watch the below video showcasing the many key benefits of Lead Intelligence.
Lead Enrichment provides impactful data that can change the way your sales team engages potential buyers. Watch our on-demand videos to learn how to leverage Lead Enrichment for your dealership.

Lead Enrichment
On Demand Video:

Training the Trainer

Lead Enrichment
On Demand Video:

5-Minute Sales Rep Training

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