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Your RV Trader Package Just Got Better

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We are making your RV Trader experience even better. To help you improve your sales results, we are no longer offering the outdated package you are currently purchasing. We will honor your current package, but as of October 1, 2020, it will now include our suite of newer features enabling easier customer communication, better information analysis, innovative ways to showcase inventory, and drive more sales.

These new-to-you tools improve your ability to compete with other dealers in your space by attracting more potential buyers.

Check out the following resources to learn more about the new features you will now have access to and if you’re interested in upgrading to a more modern listing package, contact your account executive today.


Digital Retailing – Engage

Digital Retailing – Engage Overview: The RV Trader team has created a game-changing bundle of tools that improves your ability to connect with buyers and close deals. 

For more information about this bundle at a high-level, please review the following resources and scroll down for tool-specific insights:

Digital Retailing

Digital Retailing

Make an Offer

Allows consumers to begin the negotiation process on one of your units by submitting their desired price (no less than 30% off list)

For more information about Make an Offer, please view the following resources:

Benefits of Make an Offer & How It Works

Best Practices for Make an Offer

Request a Video

Gives consumers the option of requesting that you add a video to the listing of a unit they’re interested in 

For more information about Request a Video, please view the following resources:

Request a Video Chat

Empowers you to virtually connect face-to-face with consumers, saving buyers time, and supporting their communication preferences

For more information about Video Chat, please view the following resources:

Overview of Request a Video Chat

Video Chat Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Lead Enrichment:

Gain insight into consumer shopping habits and views, giving you more information on the consumer to close deals faster

For more information about Lead Enrichment, visit our site:

Lead Manager:

Allows you to view, assign, and track leads coming into your dealership

For more information about Lead Manager, please view the following resource:

Inventory Link:

Link and present your inventory on Facebook

For more information about Facebook Inventory Link, please view the following resources:

Texting Capability:

Enables you to reach customers through text messaging increasing your chances of reaching a consumer, since 98% of all text messages are opened

For more information about Texting, please view the following resources:

How to
Set Up Text

Utilizing Text For Your Dealership

Local Tracking Number:

Updates your toll-free 800 to display a local number, putting your customers at ease and localizing their shopping experience.

Curious about other features available to RV Trader dealers? Contact us!