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Top 5 Marketing Trend Takeaways from the RV Trader Consumer Trend Report

2023 RV Trader Trend Report

In recent years, today’s consumers have become accustomed to a convenient and personalized shopping experience. RV shoppers aren’t any exception to this shift in consumer behavior. To provide more insight on how today’s RV consumers are shopping for RVs, RV Trader has built the 2023 RV Consumer Trends report. This report shares key findings on data collected from real consumers around RV buyer demographics, buying behavior, and their purchase journey. This report seeks to offer a better understanding of the RV Trader consumer utilizing data and insights from RV Trader’s 6.9 million consumers, data from Statistical Surveys and surveys conducted by RV Trader. Here are the top five key marketing takeaways from the 2023 RV Consumer Trends Report.

1. Create Targeted Marketing Strategies To Capture New Growing Demographics

The RV lifestyle has increased in popularity over the past few years, which gives you the opportunity to capture additional consumers from different buying groups. Though men are still the largest demographic of RV buyers, our data shows that the female RV buyer audience has seen 10.6% growth since 2021, with a specific interest in camping trailers, Class A RVs, and travel trailers. As we see continued increase in female RV buyers, ensure your dealership is advertising to these new buyers and promoting the units they are most interested in. 

2. Create Transparency With Customers By Using Helpful Online Tools

Throughout their purchasing journey, consumers crave a convenient buying experience . You can easily offer this by implementing digital tools that will provide the buyer with everything they need to know before they reach your dealership. Make sure your unit listings are optimized by including pricing, relevant keywords and descriptions.  Establishing this level of transparency early in their research phase will help to guide them further down your funnel. 

3. Set up multiple touch points to drive consumers down your path to purchase

Prior to submitting a lead on a unit, consumers conduct extensive research and encounter many touch points along the way. This research phase is one of the most opportune moments to drive these buyers down your sales funnel. According to our research reviews, websites, and search engines were among the top resources RV buyers consulted before making a purchase. It’s important to ensure you have the optimal visibility for your dealership at each of the major touch-points. For the best results, make sure your website and unit listings are optimized with relevant SEO and keywords.

4. Build a Robust Year-Round Marketing Strategy

In Q3, we typically see a lower lead volume on RV Trader, however, Q3 has the highest search volume on RV Trader. Consumers are more actively searching for their next unit during the summer, which means they are still engaging with your dealership– even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase. Ensure you are advertising and building brand awareness year round so that you aren’t missing any opportunities to generate leads. You can leverage social media to promote your dealership and highlight your inventory. This will help to keep your dealership top of mind with future customers. .

5. Train Your Sales Staff To Influence The Brand, Not The Type Of RV

Consumers enter the market to find the right type of RV to fit their lifestyle and budget. Our data shows that 82% of consumers enter the market already knowing which type of unit they are looking for, though they remain undecided on a specific brand. This means you should be training your sales reps to identify the type of RV a consumer is looking for first, and then sell the brand. Using tools like Lead Enrichment, you can gain more insight into the type of RVs consumers are searching for. This information can then be leveraged to help your sales team have more informed conversation and quickly steer shoppers towards particular units.

Consumer insights are a key element to building a successful sales and marketing strategy. In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial to arm yourself with tools that will help you understand your consumers and connect with them more effectively. You can start today by checking out all the robust consumer data in RV Trader’s 2023 Consumer Trends Report. Click here to get access to all these insights.

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