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The Top 10 Searched RV Brands of 2023

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When it comes to RV sales, it is crucial to stay in touch with the latest trends to plan effectively for the upcoming year. After analyzing our data, we discovered that travel trailers and fifth wheels were the most sought-after categories in 2023 by site visitors. Now, the big question is, which brands are shoppers exploring to find these popular classes? Well, we have the answer! To provide you with valuable insights, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 RV brands of 2023, ranked by consumer search volume.

  1. Forest River

Forest River emerged as the most sought-after brand on our marketplace, garnering a significant number of searches in 2023. Dealers who strategically showcased Forest River on RV Trader experienced incredible results, as the brand generated 805M search results page impressions from eager buyers, along with 1.7M vehicle detail page views

  1. Thor Motor Coach

Moving on to the brand that attracted the highest search volume on our site, we have Thor Motor Coach, which generated an impressive 355M search results page impressions and 7.2M vehicle detail page views. This brand specifically appeals to buyers seeking luxurious purchases, making it crucial to highlight all the amazing accommodations and advanced technology features. By doing so, you can increase engagement even further in listings that showcase these units.

  1. Winnebago

The Winnebago brand also captured the eyes of countless RV enthusiasts who browsed RV Trader this year. Ranking third in terms of search volume, with an impressive 353M search result impressions, buyers were highly engaged with the listings for these units. In fact, Winnebago claimed the second highest position for vehicle detail page views (7.6M) and connections (343K).

  1. Keystone

Keystone, well-known for its fifth wheel trailers, experienced tremendous popularity on our marketplace in the previous year. This brand garnered 315M search results page impressions and 7.2M vehicle detail page views. Dealerships showcasing Keystone trailers can tap into the ever-growing market of campers who prioritize functionality when selecting their RV.

  1.     Jayco

 Whether travel trailers or class C RVs, Jayco’s lineup stood out among the myriad of options available to consumers this year. With 284M search results page impressions and 6.1M vehicle detail page views, dealerships advertising Jayco units on RV Trader garnered an immense amount of exposure.

  1. Coachmen

This year, Coachmen’s wide range of motorhomes and towable options captured the attention of our site visitors. The popularity of Coachman RVs soared, receiving 273M search results page impressions and 5.8M vehicle detail page views on RV Trader. 

  1. Grand Design

Grand Design made its mark as the seventh most searched RV brand in 2023. With a focus on quality and innovation, Grand Design attracted significant attention from RV enthusiasts, generating 230M search results page impressions and over 4M vehicle detail page views.

  1. Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes proved to be an incredibly popular brand among buyers, providing dealers with extensive visibility. This year alone, the brand generated 168M impressions search results pages and garnered 3.8M vehicle detail page views from eager shoppers.

  1.   Newmar

Coming in at the ninth spot is Newmar, a brand that resonated with shoppers seeking high-end motorhomes. Newmar RVs attracted 148M search results page impressions and 3.2M vehicle detail page views.

  1. Airstream

Rounding out the top 10 is Airstream. These distinctive silver units generated 145M search results page impressions this year on RV Trader. Whether it’s the allure of classic aesthetics or the brand’s commitment to innovation, Airstream continues to capture the interest of RV enthusiasts looking for a unique and iconic travel experience.

As dealers, it’s important to leverage these brand preferences to guide your inventory decisions and marketing strategies for the upcoming year. Whether you want to make sure you have enough supply of the most sought-after brands or tailor your promotional efforts to highlight the features that RV enthusiasts love, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success in 2024 and beyond.

If you’re looking for sales insights and tips, make sure to explore our dealer blog for the latest! 

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