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5 Summer Marketing Campaign Ideas for RV Dealerships


Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time for adventurers and families to head outdoors. RV dealerships have a great opportunity to boost their sales during this season of road trips, national park adventures, and beachside camping. Recognizing the potential of this time, RV Trader is sharing five summer themed marketing campaign ideas to help RV dealerships capture the essence of summer and create engaging campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

1. Social Media Contests and Giveaways

RV Trader emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong online social media presence for dealers, highlighting its significance in connecting with potential buyers during seasonal marketing efforts. Utilizing social media presents an ideal strategy to engage with customers, encouraging them to share user-generated content like photos from their summer RV adventures or participate in giveaways. These initiatives don’t have to be extravagant; consider offering small prizes such as gas cards, camping accessories, or discounts. It’s also essential to prompt participants to interact with your dealership by tagging, liking, and sharing their experiences, expanding your community reach.

2. Organize a Summer Dealership Event Line Up

Partner with local entities like parks, outdoor stores, sports teams, or campgrounds for events that unite the community through adventure. Picture tailgate parties with RV tours during local games, or interactive camping workshops that immerse participants in the potential of RV living. These hands-on experiences surpass what online browsing offers. Explore hosting exclusive RV showcases in scenic locales, reinforcing the connection to nature and adventure. Events might feature Q&A with RV experts, live feature demos, or even overnight trials, giving a real taste of RV life. Cross-promotion with partners expands your audience and adds value for consumers, with benefits like gear discounts or RV maintenance classes for mutual customers. 

3. DIY RV Guide Series

It’s crucial for your dealership to be seen as a valuable resource for the RV community. Providing engaging and educational opportunities for your audience is a smart strategy to position yourself as their go-to source for all their RV needs this summer. Consider creating a campaign centered around DIY summer projects to increase buyer engagement. This could include guides on affordable summer destinations, route planning, RV budgeting, optimizing RV space, and more. Remember, offering incentives is key to capturing the attention of digital audiences. Be sure to incorporate your special offers and deals within the guides. Additionally, having a well-thought-out communication plan for your campaign, spanning email, blogs, social media, and in-store guide copies, will enhance its reach and impact.

4. Holiday Themed Campaigns

The U.S. summer, brimming with festivities from Independence Day fireworks, to summer barbeque season, opens vast opportunities for holiday-themed campaigns that highlight the RV lifestyle. Leverage the season’s long days, like the Summer Solstice, for campaigns that invite families to enjoy the extended daylight in an RV, or utilize lesser-known holidays like National Hop-a-Park Day on July 6th. These efforts not only celebrate the season but also underscore the versatility of RV living. When crafting these campaigns, prioritize your dealership’s resources and creativity to stand out and connect with both seasoned RVers and new prospects. 

5. Summer-long Email Campaign

Make your summer marketing campaign memorable by spotlighting those exclusive summer deals that are too good to miss. Engage your audience further by showcasing weekly or monthly customer testimonials and personal stories of summer adventures in their RVs. These firsthand accounts not only add a relatable element to your campaign but also highlight the joy and freedom that comes with RV living. Don’t shy away from incorporating interactive elements, such as themed surveys, quizzes, or polls, that resonate with the summer spirit. These engaging activities not only entertain but also provide valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and experiences. For instance, a quiz titled “What Type of RV Camper Are You?” can offer personalized RV suggestions while driving engagement. Similarly, polls on preferred summer destinations or camping essentials can spark conversations and increase community interaction.

Whether you’re looking to attract experienced RV enthusiasts or individuals considering their first RV purchase, these innovative concepts are guaranteed to boost your summer sales and distinguish your dealership in the competitive market. and make sure you’re prepared for the additional exposure by leveraging the most effective digital tools available. Check out our industry-leading marketing and sales tools on RV Trader.

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