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3 Takeaways from RV Trader’s Premium Select Case Study

3 Takeaways from RV Trader’s Premium Select Case Study

If you’re not yet familiar with RV Trader’s newest product, Premium Select, we’ve got the inside scoop straight from dealers like you. We spoke with multiple dealers from different sizes and locations who have implemented Premium Select, including Sammy Khalilieh, CEO of RV Ready, who shared exclusive information about their success. The data we gathered has been compiled into a case study so that dealers can get a realistic look at Premium Select’s efficiency. Keep reading to learn about RV Ready’s experience and gain 3 important takeaways from the Premium Select case study.

Premium Select Case Study Background

At RV Ready, a family-run dealership in Lake Elsinore, California, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Unfortunately, they had been struggling with several outdated units on the lot that were costing them money every month. To remain competitive and still move these units quickly, they needed a solution. So, RV Ready incorporated Premium Select Ads into their RV Trader promotional strategies, which allowed them to elevate certain units to the top of the search results page. Here’s what they learned.

The Top 3 Takeaways
1. Premium Select Proved to be a Success for RV Ready Despite Initial Doubts

Initially, Sammy was hesitant to commit to the product due to its cost. Nevertheless, his ambition to boost unit sales eventually won out and the results were incredible. By using Premium Select Ads to prioritize certain models on the search results page, RV Ready was able to capture the attention of customers towards non-current models that had been around for longer periods of time. This yielded an astounding 7x increase in connections to units advertised with Premium Select Ads compared to those advertised with Non-Premium Select Ads, proving the impact of the product.

2. Create a Targeted Strategy to Maximize the Benefits of Premium Select Ads

Premium Select is designed to give listings more visibility and flexibility, and dealers have found it to be an even more effective tool when they take full advantage of its capabilities. For example, Sammy created an effective plan to get rid of old inventory that was costing his dealership money, and he also set a timeline for advertising that led to his listings receiving 43X more search impressions than non-Premium Select ads. This allowed Sammy to not only draw more attention to his listings, but also to make customers consider units that they would have otherwise overlooked.

3. Remember the Most Effective Listing Practices

When your chosen products are pushed to the top of the search engine results, make sure that your listing is optimized to attract the right customers. RV Ready began taking steps to ensure their listings were optimized and this helped the dealership’s Premium Select RVs receive 15X more Vehicle Details Page Views than those without Premium Select status. To maximize the listings’ potential, they provided an accurate and detailed description, set a competitive price, and took quality pictures that would best capture the features. They also made sure to include all relevant tags and keywords to make the listings more eye-capturing. All these steps helped ensure that their product listings were optimized for the right customers.

RV Ready’s success with Premium Select is a clear example of the positive outcomes that dealers can experience when they take advantage of the product. The combination of RV Ready’s strong reputation and the effectiveness of Premium Select has enabled them to exceed their goal of generating more leads for their aged units. This strategic approach has yielded impressive results, paving the way for further growth and success for the company. And we’re seeing similar outcomes across various other dealerships. To learn more about this success story, check it out here.

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